Tennessee Road Captain

“Tennessee’s Road Team is a state-wide highway safety program sponsored by Tennessee Trucking Foundation. The Road Team’s top goal is to create a safer driving environment and save lives on our highway by educating the drivers on how to safely share the road with large trucks” (1).

Our very own Greg Farris was selected as a Road Team Captain for 2015. Greg has been with Titan Transfer for 11 years and has proudly driven 1.8 million safe miles with Titan alone, and has logged over 3 million safe miles in his 21 year driving career. During his career at Titan, Greg has attained Safe Driving Awards every year, 5 Years Accident Free Safe Driving Award, 10 Years Safe Driving Awards Driver of the Month in September of 2013 and October of 2014 (which is chosen by both office staff and drivers), and 1 Million Miles Safe Driving Award. Greg is only the second driver to earn this recognition at Titan.

“Greg goes through his life both personally and professionally trying to change the “Truck Driver” stereo type. He is proud of what he does and it is evident in the way he is perceived by all that meet him. Greg is truly a highway hero, he helps other drivers on the road in any way he can. He tries to influence the others that are abound him in a good manner, yet he will  bring to everyone’s attention if they are doing things or driving in a way that will hurt the industry.” – Kelvin Gashaw, Director of Safety

As a Road Team Captain, Greg will “stress the need for all motorists to demonstrate professionalism and courtesy on the road. He will reinforce good safety habits such as always buckling safety belts, never drinking and driving, avoiding aggressive driving. He will also discuss the importance of trucking in our nation’s economy and the opportunities presented by a career in  transportation” (1). Greg and other Road Team Captains will be making appearances at schools and other TTA sponsored events to stress the importance of safe driving on the road.

“We are all very proud of Greg Farris being named one of the captains of the Tennessee Road Team. Greg has driven over 1.8 million safe miles for our company and we look forward to him sharing his passion and safety message across the state of Tennessee. This group of drivers is among the “best of the best” and we are honored that Greg is representing our company.” – Phillip Edwards, President



1. http://tntrucking.org/foundation/tennessees-road-team/


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